Stop balls … Stacks with misleading messages about monetary aid in Bogotá

Faced with the misleading messages, the entity clarified in said statement that “the monetary transfers carried out by the District Administration are made through the comprehensive strategy Minimum Income Guaranteed (IMG) and never under names such as Solidarity Income or Solidarity Income.”

In turn, he made it clear that in the official notifications that are issued from the Mayor’s Office through mobile operators such as Movii, Daviplata, Bancolombia. Nequi and A La Mano, It is never revealed what was the amount that was consigned to the beneficiary nor are links included to verify their data.

Taking into account the clarification, the Ministry of Finance emphasized that when in doubt, citizens can verify through their Web page the authenticity of the communications they may receive, as well as make inquiries by calling to the PBX (601) 3385000; to line 195; Write to the email [email protected] or WhatsApp lines 3017875046, 3503337009, 3002703002, 3002702526, 3002702528, 3503337011 and 3015488793.

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