Strange case of pelada who was cured of HIV without treatment … Re rough

Researchers are looking for the possibility of inducing this type of immunity to HIV with a vaccine.

On Argentina the case of a woman – whose identity is kept confidential – was known to whom no traces of HIV have been found despite having been previously diagnosed, and what has surprised doctors the most is that the woman did not receive any stem cell transplant treatment.

The protagonist of this curious story, known as the patient hope, he is 30 years old and his couple passed away from AIDS. The woman was diagnosed with the virus in 2013 and had received antiretroviral therapies (ART) while pregnant in 2019, however, she was not on treatment before or after this event.

Throughout history, studies have been developed that show the behaviors of the human immunodeficiency virus and its reaction in the human body.

Some claim that, HIV has the ability to hide from the immune system and of the treatments. However, in the case of Esperanza, the analysis carried out by doctors over four years, found no HIV-related genome in a state of reproduction.

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According to the sequences analyzed, of 1,200 million blood cells of the patient and 500 million tissue cells, the virus was not detected in 150 million CD4 + T cells, where the main reservoir is.

Among the hypotheses handled by the scientists was a misdiagnosis, however, among the analyzes it was possible to find a hypermutated viral sequence which denies this option.

According to the study, these two cases they are the way to find a sterilizing cure for people with the disease.

“The absence of evidence of intact HIV-1 provirus in large numbers of cells is not evidence of absence of HIV infection-1. A sterilizing cure for HIV-1 can never be empirically proven, “says the study.

The two known cases so far are extreme examples of immune systems that can prevent HIV from reaching dangerous levels without the need for treatments such as ART.

Researchers are looking for the possibility of inducing this type of immunity in people receiving ART through a vaccine, to educate your immune system and control the virus without antiretroviral therapies.

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