Subject involved in robbery and shooting in Bogotá, released hours after his capture

The prosecutor in the case would have presented the evidentiary material late.

Insecurity continues to worry the inhabitants of the Engativá town, located in the northwest of the city. All on behalf of the multiples assaults of which the owners of commercial premises have been victims in the last days. So much so that some have made the decision to serve their clients behind closed doors, to avoid continuing to be victims of this crime wave that is lurking in Bogotá.

A case was presented last Tuesday night, when three criminals rebuked a restaurant to try to rob it, however, members of the Police who were passing by the place realized the fact, to which they quickly acted and in the middle of a crossfire, they managed to injure and capture one of the criminals that he was immediately confined to a care center.

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Following this, the judicial authorities were present at the hospital to proceed with the capture and indictment of this man who must answer for the crimes of aggravated theft and illegal possession of weapons. But an unusual fact has outraged all the inhabitants of the sector.

And the fact is that the prosecutor in charge of the prosecution process would have presented the probative material to incriminate the criminal, what immediately left the case with a term expirationIn other words, 48 ​​hours after his capture, this subject was completely released.

Hence, the man who shot the uniformed men, once he recovers, you will be able to leave the clinic and face your defense from the comfort of your home, and in addition it will no longer be guarded by the agents while it completes its recovery process

It should be remembered that the District has delivered alarming figures in recent days, making it clear that 4 out of 6 people captured are released, either due to expiration of terms, or simply because they do not have a criminal record, even if they are caught in flagrante delicto, for lack of probative material.

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The mayor in charge of Bogotá, Luis Ernesto Gómez, made a call to the Ministry of Justice, so that a project is established that guarantees the safety of citizens, taking into account that of the 6,255 captures that took place between August and October of this year, 4,865 people were released.

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