Sudan Freedom and Change mobilizes to form a front of parties rejecting the coup

The “Forces of Freedom and Change”, which constitutes the main front supporting the popular movement in Sudan, said that the partnership with the military component in the past period was dictated by certain circumstances, and it turned out that the army was aspiring to power, so it turned against the process of civil democratic transformation.

The leader of the Central Council of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Wajdi Saleh, announced in statements to Al that if they accept the UN initiative proposed to solve the Sudanese crisis, “we will not negotiate a new partnership with the military component.” Rather, the army must carry out its duties in maintaining security and keeping away from the political process in the country.” In a related context, Saleh said that the Forces for Freedom and Change are in the process of forming a broad political front that “includes all political parties that reject the measures of the October 25 coup,” adding that the Coordinating Committee requested a meeting with the Sudanese Communist Party, but he refused, pointing out that despite that, the forces will continue Freedom and Change has its contacts with the party and is keen on having it in the broad front that will be formed.

He pointed out that there is a connection with the Sudanese “Professionals Association” and work is being done for the dissident group to return to be one gathering as it was.

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