Suspended because of superstar Adele: Journalist makes an interview mistake

As a journalist, you should inform yourself well about your interlocutor before an interview – know about their career and current projects. An Australian colleague had to learn that the hard way when he met superstar Adele.

The singer is one of the most successful artists in the world and just released her fourth album “30” a few days ago. To do this, she does a lot of advertising, gives appearances and interviews. Matt Doran, presenter on the Australian program “Weekend Sunrise”, also wanted to talk to her about it. He got the approval, but made a negligent mistake …

Adele breaks off interview with Australian moderator

Before the conversation with Adele, the reporter, who had flown to London especially for this, was pleased and excited. “It’s going to be very special,” he posted on Instagram at the beginning of November.

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As he later reported to the Australian media, the meeting with the singer went very well. Until Adele asked how he liked her new album. As he admitted, he did not hear it. The 33-year-old then immediately stopped the interview and left the room. Matt Doran not only embarrassed himself in front of superstar Adele, but was even suspended by his employer for two weeks.

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Matt Doran suspended for mistakes in Adele interview

How could this blunder come about? At the time of the interview, Adele’s album “30” had not yet been released. However, her management had emailed the presenter with a link to the new songs. As Matt Doran explains, however, he overlooked this message. That’s why he appeared completely unprepared, at least as far as the new music is concerned.

This faux pas is said to have cost the station “Channel 7” a lot of money. As “The Daily Telegraph“further reported that they paid a million dollars for the exclusive conversation with Adele. This should also have included the broadcasting rights for the Oprah special with the singer. Although the interview was recorded, Adele’s management” Channel 7 “banned the broadcast .

Matt Doran will definitely not make such a mistake again …

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