Take Note … Dos and Don’ts for an Acid Burn

How do you react if you see someone being attacked with chemicals?

RCN Radio consulted Jorge Luis Gaviria, plastic surgeon and specialist in reconstructive and burn surgery, in order to clarify doubts in the face of this type of situation in which one can be a victim or a spectator to one of these attacks.

In the latter case, when an event like these is present, Gaviria explains that under specific care the person who was affected can be helped. “The first thing to do is make it easy for him to wash with clean water, or with serum from a pharmacy, for at least 20 minutes or an hour. From there it depends on whether there is more or less injury, “he says.

In turn, another of the recommendations in a case of these, is that urgently call line 123 to report the aggression and thus activate the emergency body to have urgent attention.

Finally, in these cases, the specialist recommends prioritizing – in case several people are injured – those whose eyes are compromised, since these burns can cause permanent blindness.


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