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Beirut: Hiam El-Sayed
The Lebanese singer Tania Kassis is in a phase of artistic activity, whether in terms of issuing new musicals or reviving concerts in the Arab world, the last of which is in “Expo 2020 Dubai”. Kassis believes that she is open to singing in different languages, reaching 5 languages, and she hopes to sing in the Gulf dialect. On the other hand, she declared her love for acting and presenting show business, explaining that she is open to her if the appropriate offers are available.

* Tell us about your latest party in Dubai?

– This party has a very special and big meaning for me, because Christmas is a very important occasion, and my choice to celebrate it means a lot to me, especially since Expo 2020 Dubai has turned into a global platform where people from all over the world gather, and the most important and largest parties are held. Dubai is the city of convergence, tolerance and dialogue, and I sang at the ceremony my latest release “Do you hear me?” Which used special lyrics inspired by the occasion, and the song “Land for All”, which was produced in French and Arabic in cooperation with the United Nations, in addition to a selection of songs.

* To what extent are you sticking to the Lebanese song? Can we hear you in other dialects?

– My mother’s Lebanese dialect, and through it I sang for the homeland and various other topics, and I also sang in the classical language, which I love very much, because through it we can convey very beautiful poetic images. Until now, I have not had the opportunity to sing in other dialects, but I am not against this idea, especially since I sang into Arabic in French, English, Spanish and Korean. I love languages ​​and music, as it is a universal language and it is very nice to communicate our works in the same language that the audience hears from us.. Everything is related to parties. If I sing in the Gulf and I feel that I must sing in the Gulf dialect, I will never hesitate. As for issuing a song in this dialect, this idea It is not excluded and it is certainly achievable, taking care that most of my releases are in Classical Arabic and the Lebanese dialect, and singing in other dialects or languages ​​is related to a specific occasion, goal or topic.

* How do you evaluate the level of what is offered in Lebanon?

A while ago, I participated in the “Murex D’or” committee and found that there is diversity in music. Music production continues despite all the difficult circumstances we have been through, and this is a good thing, and perhaps the only way to overcome crises. It was a very important experience, especially since I was previously honored in 2015 when I presented the song “Watan”, composed and composed by Marwan Khoury, and was chosen as the best national song, and on that day I was awarded the title of “Ambassador of World Theaters” and this honor affected me and I am very proud of it. This year, I was on the “Murex D’or” jury, and the members participating in it are usually not honored; Rather, the committee’s role is limited to selecting the works of artist friends, and the experience was very important this year because it happened despite all the difficulties and bad conditions that Lebanon is going through, but despite that, beautiful and good works were presented, whether series songs or national songs, and I was not waiting for my honor Once again, but this really happened about the entirety of my work and my artistic career.

* Are you thinking of taking an acting career?

I like acting a lot, but I do not consider myself a professional actress because I did not learn it, and it is linked to me performing the songs that I film, but I do not know when the opportunity will arise to participate in an acting job, and basically I do not plan for it.

* Can your dream of combining acting and singing be realized by presenting performances?

– I tend to present show business a lot, and I previously participated when I was in Paris in a theatrical and operatic performance and presented the role of «Christine» who is the heroine of the story, and I present in my concerts songs from foreign musicals because I love this type of work, and I will undoubtedly I would be very happy if I was offered to participate in the coming period with a review work.

* What are your projects for the coming period?

I will perform two concerts, the first in Abu Dhabi and the second in the Egyptian Opera House, to announce their date at the appropriate time, especially in light of the difficult stage the world is going through with the spread of “Covid 19” again.


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