Telethon 2021: Which artists and television hosts will NOT perform?

Meet the artists who will not be in the Telethon 2021. (Photo: Instagram)

This November 6 a new edition of the Telethon will take place, but this time it will be fully digitized by the pandemic of COVID-19. The organization this year not only summoned television hosts and singers, but also influencers and gamers.

What is sought is that the event is shared in social networks to have a greater impact and diffusion. However, although this year will be totally different, there is something that has not changed, the absence of some Peruvian artists.

There are several television hosts or national figures who do not appear and they themselves have explained their reasons. Will Gisela Valcárcel have something to do with it? Here we will answer some questions.


Although she is the queen of the ‘ampay’, Magaly Medina has not participated in the Telethon for several years, she explained in a brief interview she had with Gisela Valcárcel that she does not do so because she is aware that she cannot compete with her.

Gisela is the main one and I am not going to go either, let’s say, at a time where she is not. Because when she’s there, no one else can cover her, no one else can take her shine off. So to go at dawn when nobody sees me, I prefer not to participate”, He explained.

Magaly Medina as the doll from The Squid Game.
Magaly Medina as the doll from The Squid Game.


All the figures of Pro Tv of América Televisión since 2019 that are not present in the Telethon, because Tula Rodríguez was denied to participate in a sequence to avoid problems with one of the ‘anchors’.

On that occasion, Rodrigo González revealed that the popular ‘Peludita’ is not forbidden to go so as not to cause any inconvenience to Gisela Valcárcel, who in recent years has been the face of this event.

When they find out that Tula is going because she is one of the presenters of ‘En boca de todos’, a message arrives that says ‘It can’t be like that, Tula is not going’, but they had already done everything with her, and when asked they told them that they did not want to bother one of the anchors of the Telethon (permanent presenters)”, He commented.

Since that time, no figure from Pro Tv, who is in charge of This is war, one of the most watched programs on Peruvian television, does not go to the Telethon either, confirming that there is an internal dispute.


Because Willax TV It does not belong to the National Society of Radio and Television, the hosts of Amor y Fuego, Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter, will not be part of the Telethon 2021, this despite the fact that they enjoy a good audience and have a great arrival on social networks.

Also, one of the faces of this event is Gisela Valcárcel, who would also have them banned, so their participation would be almost impossible even if they work on another television channel.

Rodrigo González will not be on the Telethon.  (Photo: Instagram)
Rodrigo González will not be on the Telethon. (Photo: Instagram)


One of the great absences in 2019 and that since that date has not been present is Susan Ochoa, winner of two silver gulls from Viña del Mar. As it is remembered, the singer had a confrontation with Gisela Valcárcel in her program, for which she resigned.

Susan Ochoa was summoned to sing along with Shantall, Wendy Sulca, and other artists, but when the performers who invited Susan began to appear, they didn’t call her. I called Susan and what they told her was that it seems that there was an anchor that they didn’t want to bother … as she said something that bothered one of the anchors they didn’t call her either”Revealed Peluchín.


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