That’s why Max Giesinger wants to sit on the couch of ‘TV total’

With “VIER” the fourth studio album by Max Giesinger (33, “80 million”) was recently released – thanks to songs like “In my thoughts”, which he wrote for his grandmother, a very personal one. In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the star from Baden-Württemberg reveals whether the title “VIER” only refers to the total number of his long players. He also comments on rumors about a love affair with singer-songwriter colleague Madeline Juno (26, “reason enough”), reveals his favorite yoga pose and explains why he would like to take a seat on the couch of “TV total” – even without Stefan Raab (55).

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Their fourth album is simply called “VIER”. What’s it all about?

Max Giesinger: “VIER” is not only my fourth album, but also the next big step after the completed trilogy about “Learning to walk”, “The boy who runs” and “Die Reise”. I have the feeling that I now know a lot more about what is good for me and what I should rather exclude from my life. With the previous albums I was more “lost”. I am now at a completely different point. This gave me access to completely different topics again.

You wrote very personal songs for the new album, including for your mother and grandma. How did your family react?

Giesinger: Very emotional. We then had super in-depth conversations that brought us even closer together. That was really good. With “In my thoughts” I erected a musical memorial to my grandmother in which I would like to say thank you for everything she has given me. She has not seen so much of the world herself. In the song I metaphorically see all the places for her through my eyes.

The long player also features “The Last Day”. Do you live like your last every day?

Giesinger: I would really like that. But I always can’t do it either. Sometimes I get annoyed for too long about things that, if you zoomed out, are pretty unimportant on the whole. Nevertheless I manage to live consciously and not get sucked into everyday life much more often.

You posted some photos with Madeline Juno on Instagram, which is why some fans have speculated that you are a couple. Are you really more than just good friends?

Giesinger: Unfortunately I have to disappoint you – we are actually just good friends and have known each other for about ten years. Back then, Maddy was still a teen. I can still remember very clearly that I immediately thought that she has that certain star aura and that she is something very special.

In lockdown you learned to cook. What did you conjure up?

Giesinger: I can now get a relatively solid Scampi e Spinaci Pasta. I could also offer a mushroom pasta. Once I almost cried because I made it so delicious. It’s a shame that nobody was there to try the cool thing. Unfortunately I never got it back so well.

During the corona pandemic, you noticed what was neglected all these years: You yourself. What did you learn from it and what do you do differently when your schedule is full again?

Giesinger: The appointment calendar is simply not as full as it used to be. I make sure to plan regeneration times every now and then. There is a reason why the weekend was invented and I ignored that for a long time. I try to take a detour into nature once a day or to be somewhere by the water. That totally puts me down. Sport has also become a blatant relaxation tool for me. If I manage to do my weaker self in the morning, I’ll be flying through the day. A great feeling!

Yoga and meditation are now firmly integrated into your everyday life. What can you recommend about it?

Giesinger: First of all, I can recommend yoga to anyone with a tendency to back pain. They either disappear completely or you can manage to mitigate them properly. Otherwise, I am firmly convinced that in our everyday life, in which the smartphone, stress, pressure and delivery play a major role, we need things that get us out of this mode. Shut down and relax and stop taking yourself too seriously. It’s all in there.

What is your favorite yoga exercise?

Giesinger: The condescending dog that mates with the crazy toad. Jokes. I really like the camel: You lean back really nicely and go against this natural habit of always making a little hump.

You could be seen on television in “Sing mein Song” and “The Masked Singer”, among others. What other TV show would you like?

Giesinger: I would like to sit on the “TV total” couch. I have a lot of nice childhood memories and the show is back now. Only without Stefan Raab.

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