The Boba Fett Book: 5 Interesting Facts To Know Who “Boba Fett” Is

The origins of Boba are linked to Jango Fett, a skilled warrior and bounty hunter by trade hired by the Conde Dooku to serve as a genetic template for the clone army. Jango I had a special request to seal the deal with Dooku: An unaltered clone to raise as a son. Called it Boba.

Boba Fett He grew up on Kamino alongside the clone army. Some time after his father’s death at the hands of the Jedi Master Mace Window, Boba he hid among the ranks of the young cadets in a failed attempt to get revenge on him. Working with Aurra Sing Y Bossk, tried again and took the officials of the Republic captive to force Windu to accompany them. However, the plan did not sit well with Boba and finally revealed the location of the hostages to the Jedi.

Boba He spent time in a Republic prison. After escaping, he took jobs as a mercenary, including an ill-fated job with Bossk, Hear Y Asajj Ventress when she started her own bounty hunting career. Before his death, Jango had taught Boba to fight and pilot; later, Aurra Sing He guided him and added it to his arsenal of skills. Boba he donned his father’s Mandalorian armor and gradually began to make a name for himself.


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