The cardinal team made the hiring of Fernando Coniglio official

And it is that the striker had already prepared his link to Santa Fe with regard to the contractual conditions, however, medical examinations were required, which were approved.

It should be remembered that the player belongs to Huracán de Argentina, but the team had him transferred last season to a couple of Chilean clubs, and before arriving there, he passed through Lanús, Chacarita and Rosario Central, among others.

Rabbit, he has a total of 46 goals in almost 220 games as a professional, and comes to dispute a position on the starting payroll with Wilson Morelo and Jorge Luis Ramos.

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Thus, Independiente Santa Fe only intends to have one more offensive midfielder, to terminate the hiring, and thus focus on the first league date in which he will face La Equidad as a local in El Campín.

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