The death of the artist, Suhair Al-Babli, after a struggle with illness | Gulf newspaper

The great artist, Suhair Al-Babli, died in a hospital where she had been treated for several days, at the age of 86, after she fell ill as a result of a diabetic coma that led to her being doubled and detained in intensive care.

The great artist, Suhair Al-Babli, was subjected to a diabetic coma that led to a number of complications and was placed in intensive care in a hospital, and the retired artist, Hala Shiha, published on her page on “Instagram” a publication saying: “Beautiful, beautiful women with heart and soul, the virtuous lady, Hajja Suhair Al-Babli, they prayed for her a speedy recovery.” Completely, God willing.” Then, Nevin Al-Naqouri, the only daughter of Suhair Al-Babli, announced that her mother was placed in intensive care, asking the public to pray for her, until her death was announced on Sunday.