The “Diwan of Fifty” celebrates the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Emirates | Gulf newspaper

Prepared and supervised by Emirati poet Nayla Mubarak Al Ahbabi. It was recently released by Flame of Creativity for Printing and Publishing, Diwan of Fifty, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the United Arab Emirates.

Adorn the cover of the last book with a poem by Nayla Al-Ahbabi, the beginning of which says:

O country that celebrates the guest, if he has

Yes, the place is safe and its right is valid

The book included an introduction and dedication and 50 poems by Emirati and Arab poets, which are, respectively: “My Country the Emirates” by Sheikha Hind Al Qasimi, “Live My Country” by Nayla Al-Ahbabi, “Emirates, O Parade of Honors” by Jassem Al-Sahih, “The Emirates” by Sheikha Al-Mutairi, “The Fifty” Dr. . Salah Jarrar, former Jordanian Minister of Culture, “Emirates of Love” by Ashraf Azmy, “To the High” by Abdullah Belhaif Al-Nuaimi, former Minister of Environment and Climate Change in the UAE, “Bustan Al-Hala” by Bassam Moussa, “The Most Beautiful Ayat of Goodness” by Issam Badr, “Shams Al Kawakeb” by Nizar Dandash, “Asl Karim” by Amal Wajeeh, “Alaa’ Al-Ittihad” by Haifa Al-Jardani, “Revelation” by Ahmed Abu Fattah, “Wardat Al-Dunya” by Hassan Al-Matrooshi, “Men of Glory” d. Muhammad Al-Baghili, “We are the first” by Hisham Al-Awar, “The Emirates in the Heart” d. Talal Al-Junaibi, “Brother of Strangers” by Nawal Yatim, “I will write poetry in love with the Emirates” by Hatem Al-Sayed, “The Eighth Wonder” by Duraid Rizk, “The Land of Peace” by Marwan Abu Al-Hakam, “Emirates of Peace” by Nasser Al-Zaabi, “In the Love of the Emirates” d. Ahmed Aqili, “Dar Al Emarat” by Faisal Al Anzi, “The Clouds of Goodness” by Haila Al Salim, “Between the Sea’s Past and the Present of the Union” d. Nabil Kassab Bashi, “It is the Emirates” by Muzaffar Al Hammadi, “To the Emirates of Goodness” d. Nabila Zabadi, “The Girl of the Gulf” by Shahd Al-Saket, “O Oasis of Goodness” by Shehab Al Kaabi, “Emirates of Peace” by Najat Al Dhaheri, “Dora Al-Arabiya” by Ali Al-Shami, “Land of Safety” by Hamda Al Muhairi, “Water for the Roses” by Manahil Fathi, and “Wajeh” Another for the sun” by Muhammad Sharif.

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