The donkey returns to the wheat… Passengers experienced terrifying assault on intermunicipal bus

Passengers continue to be victims of insecurity in Bogotá

This is not the only case that has been reported in recent months in the city, as commuters on intermunicipal buses have recently denounced how theft has increased in this means of transport.

In December, for example, inhabitants of Funza denounced that in addition to being victims of theftThey were also attacked by a group of assailants. In turn, it has been revealed that organized gangs would be behind these events.

Likewise, on January 5, a new act of insecurity was recorded, in which this time passengers traveling to the municipalities of Cota, Chía, Cajicá and Zipaquirá were robbed after being intimidated with firearms by criminals. Given the constant insecurity, citizens call on the authorities to reinforce security for exits from Bogotá.

Finally, it should be noted that in the last few hours a massive assault in a restaurant in Chapinero Alto, where several customers were robbed of their valuables by a group of assailants who arrived at the scene with firearms. Given the events, the residents of the capital continue to set off the alarms for security in the city.

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