The engineer and Mubarak sing in “Hala Khorfakkan” January 14 | Gulf newspaper

In a distinguished musical evening, the Khorfakkan Amphitheater will be hosted; The Romanian artistic teacher, the artists Majed Al Mohandes and Dalia Mubarak, at the third concert of the “Hala Khorfakkan” season; This will be on January 14 next. They present a bouquet of their most famous songs, which have resonated and admired a large audience among the Gulf audience and the Arab world.
The “Hala Khorfakkan” season enhances the cultural and artistic presence of the Emirate of Sharjah by hosting a group of the most prominent Gulf and Arab artists, who present a bouquet of their most prominent musical works to the audience of Sharjah and the UAE.
Majed Al Mohandes, who was distinguished in the lyrical medium by the sweetness of his voice and his delicate sense, shares his audience with a selected blend of his most popular songs, which were popular and widely popular among millions of his fans and admirers, such as the song “Thirst”, “Calm”, and “The Temptress”. The engineer began his artistic career in the early nineties influenced by the great Arab artists, and his successes continued to become today one of the most important singers of the Gulf and the Arab world, after which he continued to present a series of successful songs and albums, which made him a huge popular and popular base.
The young Saudi artist, Dalia Mubarak, with her sweet voice, Majed Al Mohandes, is participating this evening with a group of her most famous songs, which received positive reactions from her fans and achieved millions of views on YouTube, such as “Who Walks Ordinary”, “Tra My Right”, and “It is possible.”
Dalia Mubarak’s star shined in 2014 with the song “I Turned the Table”, which achieved impressive success and received great acclaim from the Gulf and Arab audience; She has a powerful voice that has made her one of the most important modern voices on the art scene.