The famous hairdresser Mauricio Leal and his mother appear lifeless in La Calera

It is expected that in the next few hours more details about the death of these two people will be known, after more clues are found in the analysis of security videos and interviews carried out by authorities with possible witnesses.

Mauricio Leal was a widely recognized stylist in the world of celebrities, during his career he cared for presenters, models, beauty queens, soccer players and others characters from public life who today mourned his death through social networks.

The model and presenter Carolina Cruz He expressed his sadness over Leal’s death and called him “My genius boy.”

Former beauty queen Gabriela Tafur He also regretted the death of the stylist and highlighted how important it was for his life “You saw me grow up, you accompanied me by the hand in the most important events of my life and you were there unconditionally and disinterestedly.”

The famous presenter Andrea Serna He remembered him as “… being kind, friendly, always smiling and optimistic” and added that “… that enterprising man who managed, through tireless work and original ideas, to create a dream space”.

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