The gray-haired man who had allegedly set two women on fire

Prosecutor’s Office continues with investigations to establish the causes of the attack.

At the request of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, a guarantee control judge imposed a measure of deprivation of liberty in a prison to Leonel García León, as allegedly responsible for setting fire to two women and causing the death of one of them.

The events occurred at dawn on November 5, in a house in the Porvenir neighborhood, in Cubarral, Meta. According to the evidence, Lucero Valencia Vásquez and his daughter, Ingrid Johana Diosa Valencia, occupied a room in the property where the defendant resides today.

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Apparently they were resting and would have been surprised by the man, who, without any justification, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire. The mother suffered injuries to one of her arms; while the other victim reported second and third degree burns on 80% of the body. Due to the seriousness of her condition, she was transferred to a health center in Bogotá, where she died.

“The facts are the subject of investigation, we are clarifying the causes of this act that left a seriously injured woman as I left and another unfortunately died after the seriousness of the injuries,” said Luis Alexander Bermeo Barrera, Meta section director.

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The designated aggressor he was captured in a procedure carried out by units of the National Police and the National Army. A prosecutor attached to the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI) of Acacias (Meta) presented him before a guarantee control judge and charged him with the crimes of aggravated homicide consummated in a homogeneous and successive contest, attempted aggravated homicide and arson.

The charges were not accepted by García León, 64. Investigations continue to establish the causes of the attack.

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