The ingenuity of criminals: They hide drugs even in the yucca

The Tolima Departmental Police confirmed that they seized 20,100 cocaine hidden inside some yuccas.

Drug traffickers have been characterized by seeking all kinds of alternatives to transport illicit substances from one place to another, and although it may be thought that the authorities have seen it all, new modalities are discovered every day.

In recent days, the Tolima Departmental Police confirmed that seized 20,100 of cocaine on the Cajamarca roads. What caught the attention of the authorities is the curious way in which they found the narcotics.

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According to Lieutenant Colonel Misael Ricardo Ortiz Garzón, Metropolitan Police Commander of Ibagué (E), when making an inspection they discovered some irregularities in a shipment of cassava, since some did not look normal.

By doing a closer inspection, they found the drug hidden within the tubers, a modality that had not been seen in the department.

The authorities reported that they will continue with the checkpoints and checkpoints to prevent drug trafficking in the center of the country.

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