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Marilyn Salloum

Did director Matthew Vaughn want to turn back the clock, and instead of completing and developing the events of his two previous films from the “Kingsman” series, (“Secret Intelligence” 2015 and “The Golden Circle” 2017), he presented at the end of 2021 his third movie “The Kingsman” Which is shown in the halls, to tell the beginning of the launch of this British intelligence organization or agency, which bears the slogan “The King’s Man”, where did it start and when?

A movie that played on the stairs. The depth and seriousness of the World War I films was not prolonged, nor did it delve into the “action” and “James Bondian” spirit, with the lightness of shade that succeeded in the previous two films; Despite that, he had enough reasons for success, and even excellence in some wonderful directing scenes.

Since 2019, “The Kingsman” has been ready and ready to appear in front of the audience, but it will be postponed and the dates for the launch of its shows in international halls have changed. The first time was postponed from November 2019 to February 2020, then to September of the same year, After that, it was said that it will see the light in February 2021, and it was postponed to August, and it did not actually launch until the Christmas holidays and the end of 2021.

The action movie, classified as comedy and adventure as well, encourages you to watch because it bears the signature of a director who has previously tasted the “Oscar”, in addition to many other international awards: Matthew Vaughn, who is the writer of the story in partnership with Karl Gajdowsek, and because it completes his series of films that won a large share. of success. The irony is that while you are watching this work, you are trying to link it in your mind with what preceded the series, only to find yourself in front of a miniature version of another movie that has nothing to do with the nature of the series and the comic spirit and light espionage outside reality and logic, scenes as if they were cut from the movie “1917” directed by Sam Mendes who won Oscars.

Back to South Africa

“The Kingsman” is supposed to tell about men who were in the service of the United Kingdom of Britain, and the emergence of an organization, or “The King’s Man Agency” (Kingsman) aimed at maintaining peace and avoiding wars, and its secret intelligence work in order to protect the King and the Kingdom. From here, Matthew Vaughn started his events, bringing us back to 1902 in South Africa to summarize his view of “British colonialism” with a scene in the concentration camps, where injustice prevailed and caused the injury of Duke Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes), and the death of his peace-loving wife, Emily (Alexandra Maria Lara), Working with her husband to provide aid to the poor and the needy, the scene remained engraved in the minds of their son Conrad, who we see immediately after him become a handsome young man after 12 years, (embodied by Harris Dickinson). Orlando vows to his wife not to let his son get involved in any war, and to keep him away from violence and murder, but the young man is angry at this treatment and “overprotection” and wants to volunteer for the service of the country. So far, the events are proceeding as if they are a narrative of a social story, tending to adventures sometimes, and the atmosphere of fictional espionage is not gloomy, but it gradually deviates towards real politics, so the viewer is lost between believing what he sees in front of him, is it fragmented from real historical events, or is it based on the World War The first is in a general form only, and it separates the content and the political and historical figures according to their mood?

Sometimes he wears the garb of serious politics, presents painful scenes of war, stands with soldiers on the front and in the trench and fights a fierce battle against the German enemy, and opens files of conspiracies that were hatched to overthrow the Russian tsar after besieging Britain and preventing its alliance with America, and persuading it to join the war.. you don’t understand why. Vaughn wants to mix the rope with the noble, as soon as you leave your feelings free to follow the influential and deep scenes and think seriously about linking the events with real historical figures, especially since the authors focus on important points such as the human losses incurred by the state in the war, and generations of young people have fallen, as well as his real talk. And bitter about colonialism and its damages, until it shocks you with exaggerations in the way of the show James Bond, with some comic and comedic situations.


Each time, the makers of this series confirm that they are strongly influenced by the secret agent “007” James Bond series, the tools and techniques he uses, his style of fighting, adventures and pursuits, by land, sea and air, and elegance in clothes, knowing that “Kingsman” is the name of the men’s suit store that meets In it secretly the members of this agency. They deviate from the traditional method in espionage films by increasing the dose of comic situations, so this time, the makers of “The Kingsman” shock us with a painful event that the audience never expects. It delves more and more into the depth of the wound caused by the war, and deliberately does so in an attempt to touch the hearts of the viewers, so they receive the message in a practical and realistic way. , that war is not a game, and its damages and consequences are dire, and it is useless to go back or change anything after that.

This film differs from the works of “James Bond” in that it focuses on conspiracies and espionage, rather than on tools and explosions, and dazzling the audience with modern technologies. Starring Ralph Fiennes, who deserves to play the role of “James Bond”, and takes his performance to a higher level in some scenes that do not require much effort. He plays the man who founded the agency, with Rhys Evans as Priest Rasputin, and Tom Hollander as three roles: King George (in Britain), his cousin Kaiser Wilhelm (in Germany), and his second cousin, Kaiser Nicholas (in Russia). As well as Oxford assistants in establishing his own spy network and from within his home, Shula (Djimon Hounsou) and Polly (Gemma Arterton), who disguise themselves as his servants, are instrumental and powerful in the film.

Two hours and ten minutes swaying between grandfather and fantasy, interspersed with shots in which the director masters beautiful scenes, such as the scene of Rasputin’s battle with Oxford, his son Conrad, and Shula, cut from the classical ballet with music, photography, rhythm and jumping in the air, and a restless camera that captures every detail from different angles , from the top of the room to the bottom, and it rotates, so the audience feels that it is swaying to the same tones, rhythm and dance, even though it is a fierce battle that must end with the killing of one of them. It can be said that the scene is the most distinguished in the work, whether in terms of directing, acting and choreography (choreography).

Behind the world war stands one person whose identity we discover only at the end of the film. He moves the world from over a distant mountain and runs a network of spies and killers, including Rasputin, and only the smart hero Oxford eliminates him, to generate from that moment the intelligence agency.

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