The ‘legs’ will take us… ICU beds in Bogotá reached 58% occupancy

There are 332 intubated patients in clinics and hospitals in the city in the midst of the fourth peak of the pandemic.

According to Salud Data, a platform of the Bogota Ministry of Health, increases ICU occupancy to 58% for patients with Covid-19, Likewise, infections increase to 55,855, where according to Mayor Claudia López, 98% of these have omicron as the dominant variant.

According to the daily information issued by the National Institute of Health, on the last day, Bogotá had 8,408 cases of contagion, leading the list in Colombia. In addition, there were 6 deaths from the virus.

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“In August 2020, when we had the first peak with 55,000 active cases, we had an average of 100 deaths per day from Covid19, today January 2022 with the same active cases and 87% of the vaccinated population we have 4 daily deaths. Get vaccinated please.” said Claudia López, mayor of Bogotá.

How is Bogotá doing in vaccination against Covid-19?

At the national level, 84,331,304 vaccines have been distributed from the which have been delivered to Bogotá 13,048,370 doses from the pharmaceutical companies Jansen, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovac and Moderna. 87.2% of people are vaccinated with full doses (two) and 93.5% have at least one dose.

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Vaccination and the reactivation of different sectors advance to 100%, such as admission to college and universities. According to the Secretary of Health, Alejandro Gómez, 55% of children are vaccinated in the city and The mayor called on parents and guardians to take their children to be vaccinated before January 24, date of return to school.

“We have 41 vaccination points, some with a preferential queue until 5pm for children and young people to come and get vaccinated. and be ready for back to school on January 24. Also for those over 18 to complete their scheme or put on their reinforcement,” López announced.

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