“The Linabi Hawkink”… Strangers to their Mother Earth | Gulf newspaper

“The tales, stories, and legends that exist within the pages of this book go back to my Native Delaware ancestors, many of which you will not find in local library books or Public library; Because much of this literature remains unknown, most of it is divided between private collections, the work of eighteenth-century missionaries, archives, and others.

He points out that “the unfortunate truth is that much of what is here has been forgotten even among my own people. Nevertheless, some tales were more fortunate than others. They survived the alienation of my people from their traditions, their language, their spirituality, their culture, and they were passed down through generations, and lived on the tongues of our ancestors and storytellers.”

The author says: “My ancestors have a rich and varied anecdotal heritage, and with the effort I put into this book, I hoped that others would know our stories, and through them they would know something about my people: our customs and traditions and our relationship to our original homeland in the eastern states.”

According to the book’s author, Allenabi Hawkink includes what is known today in southeastern New York, New York City, the Hudson River region, the states of Delaware, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, and he asserts: “This is our land that the Creator granted us long ago, and although it was occupied and fell under the control of the United States for two hundred years. It is still our land, and we are still there, and we have never left.”

Land according to the Allenabi Hawkins is something that cannot be possessed, and they have a saying that says: “We do not own the land; Rather, we are from the earth, and we belong to it, and they call the earth safe.” From it comes life and food and on it they live. They believe that different peoples are given different lands to live on, and different religions and rituals to preserve the earth and what is on it in a state of balance and harmony. The Creator drew a precise system here, for each Reason thing, even peoples and places to live.


There is nothing separating the earth from the peoples on which it lives. Men and women are only part of the larger circle of life, no better than it. Without rocks, minerals, plants and trees there is no life, and the author admits that “there is a great imbalance in the earth today, which should not be It exists, and that is why today the Linabis live as strangers from their land, surrounded by a civilization that contradicts their philosophy, their spirituality and their traditions, that is why and for the time being they live in two worlds, with one foot here and another there, and they somehow maintain a balance between the two, that is what they had to learn in order to survive and survive ».

The author asserts that the Allenabi Hawkins and their descendants lived in harmony with the land, they did not plunder it, and did not take from the crops and animals except as much as they needed, and left the rest to others and for future generations, they did not cut trees except in the narrowest limits, and used only dead branches to light the fires, trees are great spiritual entities, This is what they believe in. Before going out to hunt, the hunters used to burn tobacco and pray to the forest protector and game keeper, to succeed in their hunt.

Among the funny stories in the book is that women were determining relationships and inheritances, and children were attributed to the mother’s clan, and women were giving birth standing up to facilitate childbirth, and clothes were made of leather, feathers and some plant materials, and when a person dies they open a small crevice for the soul to cross from it to wherever it wants.


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