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The novelist often stores all his idea in the introduction to the novel, as it is considered among the important thresholds and keys that illuminate the text, especially if the subject is ambiguous and crowded with strangeness and madness, so the introduction comes to represent the author’s word and a reference for the reader, and it is a parallel text that carries surprise, pleasure and beauty.

The Noise and Violence is considered by many critics to be the jewel and culmination of the American novel, and one of the rare masterpieces of the twentieth century. The geography of characters and language are combined in a complex structure, a novel that does not know the traditional, straight and horizontal chronology, and is full of crazy characters who speak vague and incomprehensible talk, so that the reader finds it difficult at first to realize what is going on until he reaches advanced stages of reading, and may return , In his quest to understand what is happening, each time to the introduction to the work.

The novel by American writer William Faulkner (1897-1962), won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1949, for his “strong and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel.” Fairy tales come from different sources, which had a great influence on its themes and style.

The novel was described as a narrative symphony that is said on the tongues of 4 abnormal people, nothing or law prevents them from calling things by their names, and exposing the human soul and its existential pain without the slightest embellishment or embellishment. The beginning of the work speaks of a mad young man about his family, and its disintegration within economic and political conditions, in an untidy and surprising way, because it is not subject to the traditional or completely realistic laws of narration, but it honestly and deeply reveals the collapse of the family institution that is crushed by wars, racist laws, and the constraints of the power of the collective mind over individual choices. This is reflected in the personality of the son Quentin, who suffers from a phobia of death; The pain of his family members pushes him to surrender and finally commit suicide.

The introduction to the novel says: “I am Quentin, when my father gave me the watch of my grandfather, he said: I give you the shrine of all hopes and desires, and I do not give you this watch until you remember time and time, but to forget them from time to time; Because no one has ever won the battle against them.” These words, by one of the main characters in the work, were considered among the strangest novelistic introductions, and they express the madness that characterized Quentin.

Because of the novel’s mystery and strangeness, publishers rejected it at first, although it was the writer’s fifth novel, but in 1929, Faulkner succeeded in publishing it to receive a great response and be translated into most of the world’s living languages, including Arabic.


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