The memes for Claudia López’s controversial phrase about selling the car What a box!

López’s statements overflowed the imagination of the Bogota citizens, who did not stop creating memes and turning it into a trend on Twitter

The extent of the peak and plate in Bogotá, that It came into effect on Tuesday, January 11, which generated a wave of criticism from many who do not agree with the measure, because the restriction now applies from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

However, the mayor Claudia lopez He defended the proposal and invited many to accept the option of traveling by public transport, in addition to promoting the use of carpooling. But no one was expected to do it with a phrase that more than nonconformity, it generated annoyance and ridicule in many.

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López was emphatic that new cars or motorcycles are not bought to evade the measure and when being investigated for vehicle taxes, which will be maintained, despite the fact that it will be less time of circulation, she assured that; “Taxes are for having a car, I invite you to sell it. Use a bicycle, use public transport or share it. There is no right, it is not rational, that 20% of Bogota citizens congest, block, pollute and make 100% sick the citizens”.

These statements have generated a series of reactions, some upset and others mocking the statements. So much so that memes abound on social networks.

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