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The poet Karim Abdel Salam is one of the prominent voices in the prose poem, and since its early beginnings, he digs for himself a special path within the poem, beginning with the human community, its concerns, suffering and aspirations and ending with opening the way for aesthetic awareness of the prose poem as being larger, deeper and more comprehensive than just a critical recipe that circulated during a certain era, raising the bar for the aesthetic awareness of the prose poem. Like the poem daily confessions and the syndrome of infinitesimal things.

The poem by Karim Abdel Salam in general and in his recently published book “Maryam the Merry” is concerned with that tormented self and its extreme moments, which embody the tragedy of human existence in its essence, and when poetry is, if not at the heart of human existence, with its towering dreams and tormenting breaks.

The Divan “The Merry Mary,” written in 2004, is about ninety pages and includes sixteen poems, which are “The weather, the beautiful, in a red lake, my dear soldiers, a haven called a garden, a messenger, the way, a merry Mary, no welcome from the streets, hostility, Drums, when the body became coals, pure fun, angels, give me the beast, Laila, us.’

While the Diwan’s poems seem to approximate selected snapshots of rough reality, more like paintings from Italian cinema, stopping at them for a while soon reveals that realistic references are only a door to a new world between reason and madness, or between dream and reality, a world in which there is Sufism, romance and sorrow for The fate of man is a lot.

In the poem “The Road”, Karim Abdel Salam says:

“I used to warn him every morning in front of the mirror,

I thought I could attract him

back inside,

but his hand slipped away,

Gradually his clothes got dirty

Get rid of it

And the dirt attacked its pores

Then his nails curved

He disappeared on the way.

Which way does Karim Abdel Salam go through the Diwan of “Maryam Al Marha”? Is it the path of truth or the path of altered awareness? The loss of connection with the reality that we claim to know leads to a new arrangement of a different reality, which appears clearly in many poems of the Diwan, along with moments of acute confrontation with the breaking of the dream or with the acknowledgment of defeat or with death that looms at the climax life.


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