The one who pays it … Patrolman who attacked a red seller was removed from office

The events that circulate on social networks and that have been viral in the last hours happened in August.

In the last hours a video has been viralized that has unleashed the outrage of citizens when the police abuse by a patrol car in the Patio Bonito neighborhood, Kennedy town, south of Bogotá.

The events, which were recorded by one of the sector’s security cameras, show two uniformed men who approach a woman who works selling red wines. Minutes later, one of the patrols gets excited in a heated argument and ends up kicking the woman’s workplace, leaving it completely ruined.

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The event was rejected by several sectors. Even from the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá they spoke out about what happened. “All my condemnation to this cmiserable behavior of a member of the Police with an informal saleswoman. Our priority is to pursue criminals, not humble workers who earn their livelihood honestly, “he said. Luis Ernesto Gómez, Secretary of the Government of Bogotá.

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