The ‘Peter Parker of Maracachafa’ fell due to the sale of vice in Usme

The senior officer related that the guy, seeing a police quadrant who made rounds in the area and tasks of registration and control, hit a fast race, and then, like the ‘Spider-Man’, easily climb to the top of a house of the area.

Several patrolmen had to climb a few meters to catch the ‘Spiderman’ of ‘perico’, bazuco and ‘bichas’, to which they found 45 plastic sachets filled with alkaloids, which was going to distribute on the site.

The offender, after being handcuffed, he was put inside a patrol, heading to a cell from Immediate Reaction Unit URI of the Mills sector in the Rafael Uribe Uribe town, where he awaits the call made by a judge of the nation, which will define the amount of the sentence in a prison from the capital in the next few days.

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