The photographer of the famous portraits of Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday says: “I made her dance”

(c)Kensington Palace on Twitter/ Paolo Reversi

Paolo Roversi, the originator of the famous portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge unveiled on the occasion of her 40th birthday this Sunday, revealed to the Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” the behind-the-scenes of this extraordinary session.

The photographer revealed that he first met the Cambridge couple in the fall to work out what they wanted. Around a cup of tea and cupcakes, William and Kate have confided that they want pure and timeless portraits of the Duchess.

The Duchess ordered 3 dresses from the prestigious Alexander McQueen house, including two from designer Sarah Burton who made her wedding dress. The Duchess didn’t wear a lot of jewelry so that the focus was on her eyes and smile.

The shoot took place at Kew Gardens in November and the photographer took 250 photos, 70 of which were potentially interesting.

“Every day, she is strafed by photographers, but is not used to posing”, said Roversi, whose topics have included the world’s greatest models and actors.

“Knowing my photos with the models, she was a little afraid to face a real shoot, which took about four hours of work. But I reassured her that once she had started, it would be very easy” , details the photographer.

At the end of the shoot, Kate Middleton danced a waltz with a “pinch” of rock ‘n’ roll, because the photographer also wanted shots in motion. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have revealed that they do not want to release these shots to the general public and have agreed with the photographer that this will not be the case.

The photographer also revealed which the Duke of Cambridge and his 3 children are favorite photo: it’s the black and white one, where the Duchess is wearing a white frilly dress.

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