The ‘pipol’ got up early and there was no congestion in the return plan

He also mentioned that “the balance is positive compared to the regional peak and plate that began to rule this holiday. There was not that increase in vehicles as expected since there was a staggered income during the week. That was seen during the national routes and that is why we finished a weekend without any setback ”.

He added that “there was no increase in vehicles after eight at night. It continued normally in Vehicular flow, there were waves, but fortunately people entered throughout the week. Let us remember that we come from festivities for Christmas and at the end of the year, a month of vacation so people took the opportunity to enter from last week ”.

The Traffic director He concluded that “we will be waiting for those who are yet to arrive this week, we will continue with our 110 provisional control areas. We must remind people that speed limits should not be exceeded, you have to use the seat belt and under no circumstances should you drive while intoxicated. ”

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