The politicians who would make up the list of the Historical Pact in Bogotá by House of Representatives

In the case of Bogotá, who will lead the list to the House of Representatives will be David Racero.

On December 13, the deadline for political parties and significant movements of citizens to present their lists to the Congress of the Republic expires, therefore political parties and movements finalize their details.

In the case of the Historical Pact led by Gustavo Petro, closed lists will be presented, where according to members of that community “The participation of women will be guaranteed, that is, gender parity”.

RCN Radio was able to learn that in the case of Bogotá who will lead the list to the House of Representatives will be David Racero, “staunch defender and follower of Petro and a key element of the opposition within the House”Said one of the sources.

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“In second place, there would be someone from the Democratic Pole. There is talk of Germán Navas Talero, but everything depends on the results of the internal elections that will be held this Sunday. And in third place would be Gabriel Becerra of the Patriotic Union”Added the source.

This third place is important, because the Patriotic Union, after many years, would regain its voice in the House of Representatives, with Gabriel Becerra.

“Despite the persecution that this party suffered in previous decades that led to the dispersion and exile of many of its militants, including Aida Avella herself, who will continue in the Senate; today the voice of the UP, its victims and survivors, would also return to the House of Representatives”Said another source.

On the other hand, in the case of the lists in Barranquilla who would head it would be the renowned lawyer Miguel Ángel del Río.

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“I appreciate the designation of the Atlantic Historical Pact to choose me by majority vote as head of the list for the Chamber for the department and the support of the pre-candidacies and youth. For me, the regional support received is an honor”Said del Río through his Twitter.

However, the bid is not yet clear, since apparently the presenter Agmeth Escaf is another candidate to top the lists. The truth is that the last decision will be made by the party’s National Electoral Council in Bogotá.