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ABC station, which broadcasts the events of the most prominent event in the season of the American Film Awards “Oscar”, revealed that this season will be held with a presenter for the ceremony, for the first time since 2018, in light of a decline recorded in recent years in the number of viewers of this evening’s broadcast.

The 94th Academy Awards ceremony, scheduled for March 27, will be held at the place where it was usually organized, which is the Dolby Theater in Hollywood.

The “Covid-19” pandemic forced the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences last year to hold an exceptional celebration at the historic Los Angeles train station, with a limited attendance, in application of health rules. The number of viewers for the celebration that was held without a moderator (presenter) decreased by 56% from 2020, which was originally a low percentage of viewers compared to previous versions of the event.

“I can confirm that the Oscars will have a host this year,” said Craig Irwich, president of AB Entertainment, during a panel discussion hosted by the Television Critics Association.

The format was well received and emulated at other awards ceremonies such as the Emmys, but the last two editions of the Oscars were criticized for their lack of humor and rhythm.

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