The Rock Reveals That His Wife and 2 Young Children All Had Coronavirus: ‘I Wish It Was Only Me’

The Rock Reveals That His Wife and 2 YoungChildren All Had Coronavirus: 'I Wish It Was Only Me'

COVID doesn’t segregate in who it taints. What’s more, to additionally demonstrate that point, The Rock shared the shocking news that his family tried positive. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 48, took to Instagram to post a video where he uncovered that he, his significant other Lauren, 35, and their two youthful little girls Jasmine, 4, and Tiana, 2, have all been determined to have COVID-19 otherwise known as the COVID. The entertainer could be seen wearing a dark speed up hoodie in the clasp as he was standing and discussing his involvement in the exceptionally infectious infection and offered expressions of alert to his adherents also. “I can disclose to you this has been one of the most testing and troublesome things we’ve at any point needed to suffer as a family and for me actually,” he started in the video, directly after he guaranteed everybody that they are all “acceptable” presently. 

“Also, I’ve experienced some doozies previously… I’ve gotten me a** kicked a tad before… yet testing positive for COVID-19 was entirely different than beating terrible wounds or being removed or in any event, being destitute, which I have been a couple of times,” he proceeded. The caring father proceeded to clarify that despite the troubles the infection brought to his family, he feels lucky that his little girls didn’t have numerous side effects. 

“Our children, Jazzy and Tia, it was they had a little irritating throat a primary couple of days yet other than that they bobbed back,” he clarified. “Lauren and I… it was somewhat extraordinary… We had a difficult time, yet we overcame it.” 

Dwayne proceeded to uncover that he and his family got the infection through “exceptionally close family companions” who they “love and trust” yet they are not, at this point infectious. He additionally advised others by instructing them to try to get tried before spending time with anybody, even those they’re near, and offered exhortation on the best way to remain sound. “Something we would all be able to do is simply all that we can to help our invulnerable framework — cancer prevention agents, taking our nutrients, remaining hydrated,” he said while likewise clarifying that he had addressed a few top specialists about COVID-19. “It returns to one of the methods of reasoning I have: my own two hands. We’re going to control the controllable.” 

He finished the legit video by wishing his fans well and helping them to take care to remember themselves as well as other people. “It’s the proper activity with regards to securing others, again your kindred people too,” he said. “I am not a legislator, I am a man however who thinks about my family profoundly and will do all that I can to secure them yet additionally I care pretty much all you folks. Remain solid my companions.”