The ‘Ryan Gosling’ from NRW: Laschet’s son Joe has modeling ambitions

Not only Söder daughter Gloria Sophie scores visually, other politicians also have beautiful children: Joe Laschet, for example, son of North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet, has been working successfully as a model for a long time.

The 32-year-old loves fashion: In an interview with RTL, he now describes himself as an “enthusiast of classic men’s fashion, fashion bloggers and fashion experts”.

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He also pulls up his Instagram account in a classic way: the former law student flaunts serious expressions, muted colors, a conservative clothing style with waistcoats and pinstripes, tortoiseshell glasses, cigars and pipes. And with it he achieved – almost a six-digit number of followers.

Noble brands, hot stoves: the style of Joe Laschet

Joe, actually Johannes, poses in front of brick and old buildings, in the immediate vicinity of classy retro motorcycles or shop signs that refer to luxury brands such as Hermès. Occasionally, a heavily alcoholic, traditional noble cult drink also comes into the picture – such as gin or whiskey.

The young Laschet skilfully ties in with the – absolutely contemporary – hype about the swing scene or series such as “Peaky Blinders”, whose equipment room is likely to resemble the wardrobe of the politician offspring.

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Joe Laschet – handsome like Ryan Gosling?

Is that why the media consistently and benevolently compare him to the Hollywood handsome Ryan Gosling? One thing is for sure: for around five years, but especially since his father’s candidacy for chancellor in 2021, Laschet junior has been in the public eye and plays with his smart appearance and image.

Glamor and glory: the Söder daughter’s first appearance at a Munich celebrity party


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The father (60), who visually embodies the cheerful Rhenish nature, was not always used by the son: Joe even had to justify himself once for Joe’s work as an influencer.

Allegedly influenced by his son, Laschet critics initially suspected that Laschet bought corona protective masks, smocks and other textile products for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia from the exclusive shirt manufacturer “van Laack”. A public denial by the head of the family finally straightened out the matter.

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