The Telmex Auditorium will not refund tickets for COVID measures

After announcing that entertainment forums will have to request the vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test to enter the venues that offer massive events such as concerts, Fernando Favela, director of Auditorio Telmex, confirms that from the show of the Spanish singer Mónica Naranjo this Thursday, January 13, these will apply measures announced by the Government of Jalisco in the face of the increase in infections by COVID-19 and the omicron variant.

“We had many lessons, the most important is that people are prepared and willing to do this kind of thing to attend a show”

“It will be this first event on Thursday, which does not fall within the parameters set by the authorities yesterday (January 10), it will be an event, which we have already been saying, we are going to ask for the vaccination certificate or negative test (PCR), from the Mónica Naranjo concert ”, said Fernando Favela.

Remember that although the measures determined by the Government of Jalisco will generally enter into force on January 14, The Telmex Auditorium already has its dynamic list for the verification of the vaccination certificates or PCR tests of the attendees, and it will be through software that the venue will verify that the documents presented by the public are original.

“It will be a software in which you will arrive, you will register from your home, you will put your data and photo and you will send it, we will have a database that will validate that everything is authentic”, Favela indicated when visualizing that next week it will be This tool is fully operational, however, at the entrance of each show, specific accesses will be established for those who present a vaccination certificate or PCR test.

Fernando Favela emphasizes that since the reopening of the Telmex Auditorium in 2021, sanitary protocols have been established, the obligatory use of the mask for the work team, the public and external personnel, constant sanitation, as well as modules to carry out anti-COVID tests, so now only The dynamics of access and verification of vaccination certificates and negative PCR tests will be reinforced after the similar experience they had in the concerts of Alejandro Fernández, last December, only now the supervision and logistics will be the responsibility of the venue itself.

“We had a lot of learnings, the most important being that people are prepared and willing to do this kind of thing to attend a show. More than 85 percent of the people who came to the Telmex Auditorium, for the Alejandro Fernández concerts, came with their ‘fastpass’, some printed and others digital, that was very good, we took a little longer than it usually is in the doors, but we already have the most perfected model to make it easier ”.

What if I have a ticket and I don’t want to go to the show anymore?

Fernando Favela, director of the Telmex Auditorium, emphasizes the policies that the venue has for holding events and attending to the attending public, and highlights that in the context of the pandemic there will be no refund of tickets unless the concert is canceled for any reason, so that people with tickets no longer interested in attending the shows will not be able to request a refund if they have as an argument, for example in this case, not wanting to present your vaccination certificate or PCR test.

“The provisions of the authority are not of the Auditorium, the Auditorium is not the one that is saying what the provisions are, we are abiding by what the authority tells us. For us we have always been in favor and inviting people to get vaccinated, we are convinced that people are vaccinated, that is the position of the University of Guadalajara and the Telmex Auditorium. These are the new provisions that we have now, if someone does not want to come because they are not vaccinated, we do not have any legal basis to make a refund, the house rules are those, if people do not want to abide by them, we cannot do anything “, declared.

Fernando Favela points out that at the moment the events authorized for the Telmex Auditorium -with programming until July- have a permitted capacity of 85 percent of its capacity, so they increase supervision so that attendees use the mask at all times, even when entry and stay in the seats since the consumption of food and beverages is allowed during the show, so the invitation to the public to adhere to this measure while remaining in the facilities will be reinforced.



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