The times to apply the booster dose to those over 18 years of age change in Colombia

If you have one or two doses of the virus vaccine, you will no longer have to wait six months for the booster.

The national government, headed by the president Ivan Duque, reduced the time of application of the booster dose for all Colombians older than 18 years, in the middle of the fourth peak of the pandemic that has the country with more than 23,000 daily infections of coronavirus.

“All those over 18 years of age who have had the application of both doses, or a single dose in the case of Janssen, may apply the booster doses, no longer waiting six months, but four months after receiving their vaccination schedule ”, Duque said.

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Likewise, the president confirmed that all people who have had covid can advance the vaccination program, 30 days after infection.

The decision of the head of state was made taking into account the arrival in Colombia of the Omicron variant, which is advancing at an accelerated pace, with an exponential contagion capacity.

Mandatory seven-day isolation

The president also delivered guidelines for all people with symptoms associated with the coronavirus or the Omicron variant.

Duque assured that All the people who present symptoms, whether they are people with the complete, partial or unvaccinated scheme, must keep an isolation of seven days.

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Second, everyone who is asymptomatic and who has had close contact with someone who has symptoms and who has their full scheme will not need to be isolated, but yes maintain biosecurity measures

“These conditions are very important because they are the result of a scientific and technical analysis, and are guidelines that the Ministry of Health and especially in weeks where we can see an increase in cases that continues to grow ”, concluded the president.

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