The UAE warns that mocking the measures to prevent Corona will be subject to penalties

The UAE warned against ridicule or incitement to not follow the precautionary measures to prevent Covid-19, stressing that they are crimes subject to penalties, including imprisonment.

The number of infections with the Corona virus is increasing in the Emirates.

In a statement published by the Emirates News Agency, the Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Prosecution of the Public Prosecution spoke about “monitoring on social media platforms the publication and circulation of visual materials and audio recordings (…) accompanied by lyrical clips and comments calling for non-compliance with precautionary and preventive measures, and taking them as a material for ridicule.”

The statement added, “Committing any of these acts exposes the perpetrator to administrative penalties or to the penal penalty prescribed in accordance with Federal Decree Law No. 34 of 2021 regarding combating rumors and cybercrime.”

According to the UAE Public Prosecution, a penalty of imprisonment for a period of no less than two years and a fine of no less than 200,000 dirhams (54,000 dollars) is imposed if it results in the publication of false news or rumors that lead to “inciting or inciting public opinion against one of the state authorities or institutions, or if it is linked to the time of epidemics.” crises, emergencies or disasters.

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