The Weeknd unleashes his demons in his “Gasoline” video; here we tell you what it represents

The Weeknd premiered this Tuesday the long-awaited video clip of “Gasoline”, one of the themes which is included in his most recent album “Dawn FM”, his project was published last Friday and represents waiting in purgatory in expectation of the heavenly call.

The video for The Weeknd was directed by Matilda Finn, who took over from the story that began with the first single “Take My Breath” that presents the Canadian characterized as an old man who after dying he has to face his demons.

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What does “Gasoline” by The Weeknd mean?

The artist is literally disputed by a younger version of himself in the middle of a party between lights that generate an atmosphere gloomy showing a sinister face of each participant, transformed into beasts.

The Weekend explained in an interview, the entire “Dawn FM” album was conceived as if the passage through purgatory were enlivened by a radio station that seeks to help those who arrive to make an examination of conscience on their way “towards the light.”

In an unexpected twist, the rhythms of “Gasoline” are opposites to those who would normally have a marketing project.

On The Weeknd’s album we can find collaborations like the Tyler The Creator y Lil Wayne, as well as that of Oneohtrix Point Never, co-producer and composer with The Weeknd of many of the songs in addition to the actor Jim Carrey, who acts as an announcer for the fictitious station.

In the repertoire also appears the legendary Quincy Jones, producer of the records that have most characterized the career of Michael Jackson: “Off The Wall”, “Thriller” y “Bad”.



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