The world’s largest snake found in Colombia

“During the following years, the paleontologists confirmed the initial suspicions: like few places in the world, Cerrejón concentrated a fossil wealth of a tropical forest with plants and reptiles that inhabited Colombia five million years after the disappearance of the dinosaurs ”, explains the NatGeo portal.

Was the discovery of a huge vertebra in 2007, which encouraged the search for more evidence in that place, managing to determine that they were facing the largest snake ever found, la Titanoboa.

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Carlos Jaramillo, paleontologist Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, part of the team that made the discovery clarified that this is “the best and probably the only window of an ancient tropical ecosystem in the world.”

The Titanoboa immobilized his prey using his great strength of constriction, collapsing the circulatory system of the animals that would be their dinner.

“Its discovery also provides clues to learn more about the environment in the Paleocene jungle after the extinction of the dinosaurs,” says the NatGeo portal in Spanish.

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