The zombie march returns to Bogotá to help those who suffered from the pandemic …

Schedule this November 6 the zombie march returns recharged to Bogotá, know the requirements to participate.

With the cultural reactivation in the middle of a world that is still dealing with the pandemic, there is good news for the horror fans. The zombie march returns this November 6.

The appointment is from 2 o’clock in the afternoon in the Plaza de Toros ‘La Santamaría’, The organization warns that those attending the event must bring a non-perishable food or a donation of two thousand pesos per person (applies to all ages).

The food collection is done in order to help low-income families, as indicated on the organization’s page.

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In the meeting you will be able enjoy music, food court, artistic workshops, makeup artists, emotorcycle exhibition, costume contest For children and adults, please note that only handmade costumes can compete.

In order to be part of this great zombie march, must enroll in the form enabled to receive a card that will allow you to enter the event; It is essential to register if you have never attended the event before, otherwise with the registration of previous years you already have a valid card. In addition, it will be requirement to present the vaccination card against covid-19.

You can attend the event with makeup or access the service of the makeup artists authorized by the event, since they guarantee the use of elements that do not threaten your health.

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Those who wish volunteer at the event They will be able to arrive at the bullring at 10:00 am identified as required by the organization, “with a white shirt, jean and tennis shoes, a suitcase (optional and inside it a jacket in case it rains and food if they want to take). We give makeup, a stencil on the shirt and a snack on the day of the event ”, they report on the official website.

At the end of the event you can continue enjoying a party that will take place in a bar in the city center.