They are blown away … Motorcyclists in Bogotá protest the poor condition of the road network

The motorcyclists complained about “murderous holes” and the insecurity of which they have been victims.

In a caravan, hundreds of motorcyclists moved along different routes of Bogota to claim for him poor condition of the road mesh, the high accident rate, restrictive measures, in addition to the insecurity of which they claim to be victims.

The meeting of the demonstration began in the surroundings of the El Campín stadium, where as the night passed, numerous groups of bikers began to gather.

At the same time, during the night of this Wednesday, November 10, they started their way through Carrera 30 to the north, until they reached Calle 100 and then they went up to Carrera 7 to get south to Calle 26, until finally end the tour on Avenida Boyacá.

The call for the mobilization was given through social networks with a flyer that criticized the district administration and with which reference was made to “irregularities in traffic operations, murderous holes and insecurity due to theft of motorcycles “, in addition to rejecting the stigmatization by the constant restrictions of the barbecue on a motorcycle.

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