They assassinate a patron on the pedestrian bridge of Calle 26 with Carrera 96

Authorities are trying to clarify whether the incident was due to an attempted theft or a fight.

On the morning of this Tuesday, December 7, a tragic event that took place in the west of Bogotá was revealed, more precisely on the bridge of Calle 26 with Carrera 96.

According to the first report from the authorities, a man who was passing through the place on his bicycle, turned out to be killed with a firearm about 5:40 in the morning. Although it is still unknown how the events occurred, the first hypotheses suggest that the subject would have been a victim of theft, although it is not ruled out that there had also been a fight.

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Apparently, a person is attacked with a knife, arrives by his own means where some members of the National Police are, but unfortunately dies, “said General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá.

It should be noted that this is the second murder case that has occurred in the city in recent hours, because in the town of Suba another man was also murdered, who apparently would also have been theft victim.

Ante la unsafety that in recent months has intensified in the city, for this Christmas from the Mayor’s Office the increase in the public force was announced, with the arrival of 1,000 cops into town.