They capture a boy for the crime of a bus driver in Barranquilla

José Manuel Pereira Rodríguez is accused of murdering Jamir Enrique Palacio Pérez on September 7, while he was driving a bus.

After an intense investigation, the Barranquilla Police captured José Manuel Pereira Rodríguez, a citizen of Venezuelan origin accused of being the material author of Jamir Enrique Palacio Pérez, the driver of the Sobusa company who was killed on September 7.

To this person He is known by the alias of ‘El Mono’ and, apparently, is linked to the criminal organization that leads alias ‘el Negro Ober’, recently captured by the Police.

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To the syndicated You will be charged with the murder of the Sobusa driver and three other people, This was stated by the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, General Luis Carlos Hernández.

There were three months of an investigation into structures dedicated to extortion and it was determined that the captured man was part of the hitman wing of alias ‘El Negro Ober’ “, said the officer.

At the time, witnesses to the homicide of the bus driver indicated that the hit man was traveling as another user in the vehicle, when at the height of Murillo street, near the transport terminal, in Soledad, he got up from his chair and shot him. He then got off the bus and boarded a waiting motorcycle.

As a result of these events, the Police began a strong offensive against extortion in which On October 1, Víctor Carlos Pérez de Alba, alias ‘Víctor’ or ‘Maquina del Mal’, leader of the Los Costeños criminal group, was successfully terminated. Days later, on October 13, Ober Ricardo Martínez Gutiérrez, alias ‘El Negro Ober’, was captured in Melgar, Tolima.

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At the time, the manager of Sobusa, Jhon Jairo Ospina, denied that the bus company is being subjected to extortion by criminals. Additionally, he indicated that thieves are committing thefts mainly to passengers.

This fact revived similar situations that were experienced in the city in 2013, chen several murders were committed against drivers of this same company, apparently to demand extortion. Also, they were victims, several vendors of chance of the extinct Uniapuestas.

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