They claim that Poncho Herrera was unfaithful to his wife with Ana de la Reguera –

Poncho Herrera, Instagram

The actor announced that he separated from his wife Diana Vázquez in December 2021 …

We have a new partner in Mexico. According to Tvnotas magazine, Alfonso Herrera is dating actress Ana de la Reguera, after divorcing his wife Diana Vázquez, mother of their two children.

At the beginning of December, the exRBD announced that he was separating from his wife, although he clarified that the decision was made by ‘common agreement’.

Now the publication points out that the marriage ended because Poncho was unfaithful to his wife with Ana de la Reguera.

An alleged friend of the actor revealed it to the magazine:

“Between Poncho and Diana there was no longer love or passion; His marriage has been worn out since the pandemic due to his work schedule and to add to that, he fell in love with Ana de la Reguera, she was the third in disagreement (…) Poncho and Ana have known each other since 2012 and maintained a long-distance friendship, but they They met again in September 2021 and began a secret affair, ”says the witness.

“In August they began to work together on the filming of the movie Qué viva México and, as they had locations in San Luis Potosí, especially in Real de Catorce, they had the chance to spend time together and they got hooked very quickly.”

Still according to that ‘friend’ Diana did not want to give Herrera a divorce, but later she had no choice:

“She refused to give him a divorce, but ended up giving in because he got very violent with her, so Diana, who is a self-sufficient and intelligent woman, ended up letting him go, although Poncho’s betrayal hurt her to the soul.”

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