They discharged a ranch that worked as a chemical laboratory to process cocaine

“These controlled chemicals they were ready to be processed and were destroyed on the spot; It was also possible to establish that once the extraction process was completed and processing of potassium permanganate, this was to be sent to clandestine cocaine hydrochloride laboratories located in rural areas of the department of Meta, Vichada and Guaviare, where it would reach a productive potential of more than two tons of cocaine hydrochloride per month ”, the official highlighted.

General Alarcón assured that, with the destruction of this laboratory, the finances of drug trafficking groups were affected by some four billion pesos. The fact did not leave people captured.

The National Police invited citizens to report through the National Anti-Drug Hotline 167, cases related to drug trafficking, illicit crops, money laundering, trafficking of chemical substances and people who engage in this type of illicit activities.

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