They found a parishioner dead, disappeared three days ago in Bogotá

The man was in the middle of a pool of blood inside an apartment in the Barrios Unidos town.

Dead and in the middle of a pool of blood, was found in the last hours inside an apartment located in the northwest of the country’s capital, a man who was reported missing three days ago.

The case was presented in a building on Calle 95 and Carrera 71 de la neighborhood Barrios Unidos in Bogota.

It was possible to establish that criminalistics units of the CTI Technical Investigation Corps of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation they were present in the mobile laboratory, to carry out the inspection and transfer of the corpse of Juan Camilo Aponte, 59 years old, towards the headquarters of the Legal Medicine, while relatives and loved ones mourned the ‘deceased’.

Apparently the mortal remains of Mr. Aponte were already beginning to show signs of decomposition.

A strange smell was the one that alerted the inhabitants of the housing complex, who gave notice to the Emergency Line 123.

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