They hit a thief who has been caught 27 times by the police

They applied the popular ‘Palotherapy’ to the young ‘choro’ and they burned the motorcycle on which he was going through the town of Bosa in Bogotá.

A rogue, whom law enforcement officers they have grabbed it 27 times, received in the late hours of Tuesday, January 11, 2022, a beating from ‘My Father and Lord’, after being surprised stealing his cell phone to a neighbor to the south west of the capital of the country.

Colonel Jhon Fernando Díaz, inspection and surveillance officer of the Metropolitan Police of Bogotá (Mebog) said on the radio station La Cariñosa 610 AM that the case of ‘justice by own hand’ was presented in the Atalayas neighborhood of the town of Bosa.

In the place, the ‘manilargo’, mounted on a motorcycle, He surprised a lady who was chatting with his mid-range device valued at a million pesos and after taking the item from her, he fled, accelerating the cylinder.

The residents of the area, upon hearing the cry of the ‘doña’ reacted and went through the fireball, to make the evil ‘centella’ fall.

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