They lit an afro with ‘lead’ and left him lifeless on the uncovered Bosa road

The crime occurred in the San Bernardino neighborhood in the southwestern part of Bogotá.

a Afro-descendant citizen of about 28 years of age, died in the last hours, being shot by an unknown subject who was like grill of a motorcycle in a road corridor in the south west of the capital of the country.

The crime against the parishioner, apparently from the Colombian Pacific, occurred on a street in the San Bernardino neighborhood of La town of Bosa in Bogota.

Residents of the area say that today ‘deceased’, they saw him on some occasions, but he was not a resident of the sector.

The motorized individualsUpon locating their target, they approached him, to ‘light’ him with a bullet with a pistol, which sent the unfortunate man onto the sidewalk, whose identity was not provided by those who carry out the investigation of the case.