They offer a long ticket for information on a degenerate priest accused of child abuse

In Cali, the search continues for the priest who was given a prison measure.

Hernán Castaño, 73, is accused of having committed sexual acts against a 13-year-old girl. For this reason, Metropolitan Police has offered a reward of up to $ 10 million pesos for information that allows the capture of the priest.

According to information from the Prosecutor’s office, the events occurred in mid-2021, in a parish in the Comuneros neighborhood, east of the capital of Valle, when the adolescent was serving as an altar girl.

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“We have an intelligence group that is monitoring to reach points where it has roots and next to the Prosecutor’s office we are working to find out the location of this person. We ask the community to help us with the information, ”said General Juan Carlos León, commander of the Metropolitan Police From Cali.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the victim’s parents, who worked with the priest, were the ones who reported the case and they provided evidence, in which it was evidenced that he allegedly locked himself with the girl in the sacristy almost every day and touched her intimate parts.

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In a hearing of guarantees, the priest was charged as an absent person for the crime of aggravated abusive sexual acts with a minor under 14 years of age in homogeneous competition and a measure was issued in a prison establishment.

For this case, the Catholic Church from Cali, through Monsignor Darío de Jesús González, expressed a feeling of shame and repudiation, they also announced that they are accompanying the affected minor and her family.

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