They pay tribute to cinema noir in “The Black Minutes”

After a good reception by the Morelia International Film Festival and the Morbido Festival of Mexico City, the new film by Mario Muñoz, “Los minutos negros”, based on the novel by Martín Solares of the same name, will continue its journey for other festivals expecting it to hit the national billboard in the first quarter of 2022, This is how this creative duo tells it in an interview.

In fact, Martín highlights that due to the friendly ties they have in Guadalajara, the intention is to offer special exhibitions in the city before the premiere, everything is up to the distributor to arrange it and they will be warning soon. The plot of the book was worked by both Solares and Muñoz to develop the script, which both in history and aesthetics, pays tribute to film noir.

The central premise is that of a policeman who is about to find a serial murderer, but everything is opposed to achieve his mission, the same system of corruption and impunity in Mexico, ends with annihilate it.

This book in which the film is developed was published in 2006 and Martín tells that he had not even a month left when his editor wrote to him to comment that a Mexican film director wanted to make an adaptation. “And that’s how I got in touch with Mario Muñoz, at that time he was editing ‘Bajo la sal’, his first feature film, a wonderful crime and horror story, with a great photograph; It happens in Baja California, and he showed me a first cut, even without the definitive special effects and the truth is that I was dazzled ”.

Martín told him that if he wanted to do that with his novel as well and that it really be seen to happen in the Gulf of Mexico, he agreed to make the adaptation. “And so began a friendship of about 15 years ago in which we dedicated almost six to work on the script.” It took three years to make a first version and the other three more were to make the pertinent corrections. “Because when you write a film script with four hands, you are actually doing it with six, there is a third invisible writer who is chance and who collaborates by removing some actors from the stage, adding others and including more.”

Martín shares that he wanted to do this exercise with Mario because he wanted to learn in a practical way where the border between literature and cinema was, “it was a very fun and very demanding learning process of several years where we mutually tried to solve the challenges, four hands”.

Martín Solares shares that he did this exercise with Mario Muñoz (in the photo) to find the border between literature and cinema. SPECIAL

For his part, Mario gets back into the history of crime and impunity through the police genre with this his second film. “I really like detective literature and I really like film noir. And here (in ‘Los minutos negros’) the strength of the story and the author, as well as the wealth of imagination that is generated in literature, as it was very evident. And the chances of reinvent cinema a bit noir for us from Mexico, which is a green, tropical and sweaty place with Line The goods sounding from the speakers, it seemed like a fantastic challenge to me ”.

He confesses that he wanted to tell a police story like this one with a more authentic and more Mexican stamp, “that would speak more to our audience and our country about how we understand things here, what it means to be a hero, to try to do justice. and the great issue that is the corruption in which we live ”.

The film stars Leonardo Ortízgris, Kristyan Ferrer, Sofiìa Espinosa, Carlos Aragón, Enrique Arreola, Mauricio Isaac, José Sefami, Juan Carlos Remolina, Enrique Singer, Paloma Woolrich and Tiaré Scanda. Mario says that once the characteristics of the characters were defined, the faces of the actors appeared, who come from theater and television and cinema, and although they are well-known figures with a great trajectory, they are not media, which It gave a plus to the story because immediately it happens that the public associates their faces with the characters in the plot.

With regard to raising these concepts of impunity and corruption in a vicious circle that is constantly repeated, Mario says that fiction works for that, which is a vehicle to put these situations head on. “Art does not provide answers, but it generates interesting questions for us to take and think about. And that is the intention with ‘The black minutes’ “.

The collaborative work will continue between Mario and Martín, both are developing projects such as a black comedy for which Solares wrote the script, in fact, the author has also written episodes for series with a police and historical theme.



At the end of the 70s, in the oil city of Paracuán, on the Gulf of Mexico, there is a murderer on the loose. The mangled bodies of three village girls defiantly appear in different parts of the city. The detective in charge of the investigation, “Travolta” and his team seem more interested in burying the case than solving it. But a small group of agents, led by Lieutenant “Vicente Rangel”, rookie “Macetón Cabrera” and the mysterious “Madrina Romero”, along with a spirited journalist from Mexico City, will descend a dangerous spiral of secrets and corruption. in order to find the “Jackal” and bring him to justice.



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