They record supposed ghost of a girl wandering around the grave of a child

In the shocking video it is possible to observe how the little girl walks through the cemetery. reality or fiction?

Uncertainty, this was what a woman had every time she visited her son’s grave in a local cemetery located in the United States. Whenever he came to the grave he saw his surroundings completely disordered as she left it.

Given these facts, the woman decided to install a security camera to identify who were the people who were disturbing your little one’s grave, not knowing that he would be in for a completely creepy surprise upon seeing the stunning images.

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There you can clearly see like a little girl makes a presence in the place, on several occasions he approaches and moves away disorderly the grave of the minor.

After the video made an impression on social networks, the mother of the girl who wanders the child’s grave made a reappearance, and in a interview for a renowned program, said that it was easy for him to identify his daughter that, like the child she visits, died from a homicide.

“I only remember his eyes and there I knew it was my daughter Fabiola. Her curly hair, and how she dressed, “emphasized this woman who also said that the murderer of the minor is still at large of justice.

However, the lady also stated that this phenomenon can occur because she, in her grief, wants to feel accompanied by the child, since she was buried in a grave next to the other little boy.

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This paranormal fact has caused a furor in the networks, where many Internet users, made various hypotheses about this appearance, ensuring that he also visits the grave of a young man who was murdered by a relative as a form of justice, since they died in similar causes.

Finally, the security guards who guard the cemetery also said they saw the girl on a couple of occasions hanging around there. But they did not imagine that little Fabiola would be the cause of causing ‘havoc’ at the child’s grave.

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