They reveal the identity of “Leona” in “Who is the mask?”; a new character appears

This Sunday the seventh program of “Who is the mask?” Was developed, in which the seven remaining characters faced each other to know soon which of them will be the winner.

This time Lorena Herrera was a guest researcher, who a few weeks ago was one of those eliminated from the race, she played “Sirena.” Thus, Lorena, joined Juanpa Zurita, Carlos Rivera, Mónica Huarte and Yuri to find out which celebrities are hidden in the most famous botargas in Mexico.

Adrián Uribe at the beginning of the program said that the seven characters would be divided into a triple and quadruple combat. So the first to go on stage were “Carnívora”, “Perezoso” and “Gitana”. This time, to give the jury more clues, Alan Estrada, the co-host, served as master of ceremonies for “The Mask Awards,” a fun dynamic to obtain new data to unmask celebrities. Meanwhile, Adrián Uribe also provided clues because he revealed to the panel of judges which is the favorite food of the participants.

“Carnívora” performed “Nobody knows my suffering” by La Sonora Dinamita and was related to Priscila de las “Balas de Plata”, Mariana Garza, Alma Cero, Mariana Ochoa and Tatiana. “Perezoso” sang “Tutti Frutti” by Little Richard and was associated with Jaime Camil, Lisardo, Samo and Carlos Bonavides, while “Gitana” voiced “Como tu mujer” by Rocío Dúrcal and was linked to Ana Brenda, Ariadne Díaz, Camila Sodi and Maite Perroni.

After this first meeting, “Lazy” was saved by the jury and by the public, “Gitana”, so “Carnívora” would later have to risk its permanence in the competition.

Before the second confrontation of the night, a new character made an appearance in the program, it is “Man of stone”, who although not part of the competition, will also make the panel of researchers doubt, who bet that it could be Babo from Cartel de Santa, Mijares, Isabel de Pandora and Chabelo, however, when singing “I love rock and roll ”, Everything pointed to behind the boot is a woman.

In the quadruple meeting, the first to go on stage was “Androide”, who sang “Never enough” from the movie “The great showman”, and was also linked to Sandra Echeverría, Paulina Goto, Danna Paola and Melissa Barrera.

Then it was the turn of “La Hueva”, who sang “Háblame de ti” by Banda MS, the botarga was related to Emilio Osorio, Joaquín Bondoni, Sergio Mayer Mori and Abraham Mateo.

“Apache” was the next to come out, he sang “Stay” by Justin Bieber and was related to Joss Favela, Camilo, José María Torre and Rauw Alejandro.

The last to go on stage was “Leona”, who sang “You didn’t want to hurt me” by Gloria Trevi and was related to Dulce María, Sherlyn and Hanna from Ha Ash.

After finishing the fight, “Android” was saved by the panel of researchers and “Apache”And“ La Hueva ”by the publicTherefore, “Carnivora” and “Leona” had to be measured. Finally he had to reveal his identity “Leona” and below the character was the singer and actress Dulce María, former RBD and now a soloist and just become a mother.



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